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Save $50 on a pair of Edifier P17 bookshelf speakers

Spending more time at home than ever thanks to the coronavirus, I find myself re-evaluating my home audio. Speakers and headphones that might have been good enough when I only played them once in a while are now being enlisted for all-day duty. If you find yourself looking to refresh your sound as well, Edifier has your back. The audio company is running a limited sale right now with discounts up to 60% off on select headphones, speakers and earbuds. You can see all the gear in one place on Edifier’s sale page.

Edifier has been making audio gear since 1996, with a broad product line that includes very accessible consumer gear and somewhat more high-end sound systems. I have a set of Edifier desktop speakers on my desk right now that I’ve been very pleased with for several years. Here are a few selections from Edifier’s sale you might want to check out.

Update: This story was posted earlier, but all products listed are still on sale and available as of the morning of April 19. 


Edifier’s P17 passive bookshelf speakers look pretty sleek and feature 19mm tweeters and 4-inch bass drivers, all wrapped up in an MDF wooden enclosure. You can set them on a shelf or hang them on the wall — just add an amplifier. 


The W360NB Bluetooth headphones are around-the-neck style earphones that have active noise canceling built in. They’re available in two colors — black and white with gold trim. You can pair up to two different devices, making it easy to share these with a partner. 


Edifier’s W855BT headphones work in wired or Bluetooth mode, supporting the high-quality aptX audio connection. You get 20 hours of playback and 400 hours of standby operation, with touch controls on the earcup. 

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