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PlayStation 5 will reflect “best pricing”, may not be “cheap” – Jim Ryan

Japanese manufacturing giant, Sony, has since announced that it will have a PlayStation 5 event on June 5th. Many people expect this event to be the official launch of the console. However, the company did not say the content of the event. The race to the finish line is intensifying between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. According to Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) President and CEO, Jim Ryan, whether it is DualSense controller, or 3D audio, or SSD, the PS5 should now bring something new to the PlayStation community. In fact, these new experiences can only be enjoyed on PS5.

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When it comes to sale and pricing, Jim Ryan said that PS5 pricing will reflect the best value of the console. However, this does not been that it will be “cheap” but it means it will offer good value for money. The depth, design, quality, price, and platform of the game collection will be worth the money. Simply put, the PS5 may not be cheap, but it will definitely be worth the money.

At the online press conference on Jun 5th, Sony will definitely release more PlayStation 5 features. This will be the first time that Sony will be holding an online launch conference. For game enthusiasts, the event is worth looking forward to. In addition, Sony will also announce a new lineup of games. These games will be available immediately after the PS5 launch in the Christmas season.

Sony said: “These games coming to the PS5 platform are the industry’s top works. They come from creative studios around the world. Every studio, regardless of size or history, is making every effort to develop new consoles. Potential hit game. “

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Sony emphasized that this is only part of a series of new PS5 information. After the online conference, there will be more information for you. Keep a tab with us and we will update you on the proceedings on the PlayStation 5 press conference.

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