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5G smartphone shipment in China hit 108 million units in September –

The Chinese smartphone market is the largest in the world and it won’t be leaving the position anytime soon. This market has the numbers and finance is also available. According to a recent market research report, 5G smartphone shipments in China as of September 2020 exceeds 100 million units. The development of 5G is still ongoing. As the newer and faster bandwidth becomes more popular, the 5G devices will increase exponentially.

5G smartphone shipment

The report from the Chinese Academy of Information and Communications Technology claims that the Chinese smartphone market shipped 14.0 million smartphones in September alone. This represents a total of 60% of the total smartphone shipment in the month. This shows that the adoption of 5G smartphones in China is gaining traction. Furthermore, in September alone, 26 new 5G models from different manufacturers hit the market. This is 44% of the total new models that hit the Chinese market.

The Year-To-Date (YTD) shipment hit 107.7 million units with 167 new 5G smartphones entering the market. The total number of smartphones shipped in the Chinese market last month is 23.334 million units. Over half of this value (specifically 60%) are 5G devices. Of course, the popularization of 5G smartphones in China is hitting a new level. Very soon, a good chunk of the phones that enters the Chinese market will have active 5G connectivity.

Since the beginning of the year, the smartphone shipment in the Chinese market is 218 million units. However, the market also received an additional 8 million non-smartphones. This takes the total number of mobile phones in the Chinese market to 226 million units. Looking at the smartphone segment, the market received 108 million 5G phones. This means that about 47.7% of the total smartphones this year are 5G devices.

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