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Xiaomi: we need your suggestions for improving MIUI

The patience of Xiaomi fans in the global market has run out. Therefore, last week began collecting signatures for a petition, in which the company was called to change its approach to the development of the global version of MIUI. The reason for its appearance was that the scale of discontent reached its critical point. A number of users are tired of using Xiaomi devices, where the MIUI firmware is full of bugs and errors. And the developers also put Chinese users in a privileged position, offering cut-down firmware functionality on the global market.

Xiaomi gave the answer. It turns out that the company is just at the stage of understanding user preferences in the global market. It does not deny that there are problems in MIUI, but it fixes them but this takes time. The main rhetoric of the answer boiled down to the need to be patient. But how much more to show indulgence – it was not said.

Xiaomi: we need your suggestions for improving MIUI


And Xiaomi also promised to improve the feedback from fans and it took the first step in this direction. On its official forum, it published a survey in which it asked users to express their opinion on what innovations and functions they would like to see in the MIUI Global ROM. In addition, it was proposed to speak on the topic of which mistake the company should fix in the first place and what problems there are in general.

If you are eager to fill out the survey and talk about your “pain”, then you may get disappointed. The company closed the survey. And this is provided that the questionnaire itself appeared in the community only on June 2 and already on June 4 the company closed the survey, considering that it had collected a sufficient number of reviews.

It is unlikely that a large number of users could take part in the survey in such a short time. The message itself about the organization of the survey was viewed by a little over 50 thousand users; and how many of them actually voted is unknown. Considering that there is a multi-million users of Xiaomi device users outside of China; the company should spend more time on the survey in order to collect as many reviews as possible.

It is worth mentioning that recently, the patience of a number of users has run out, and they tried to reach out to Xiaomi. They wrote an open letter aiming to achieve better support for the global versions of MIUI.

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