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Video : Take a look at cameras of Ulefone Armor 11T 5G

Recently Ulefone launched their new flagship 5G rugged phone -Armor 11T 5G. And you can already get it inlimited presale on the official website and Banggood.com. Armor 11T 5G brings a big change with its camera system, which makes it unique among the current rugged phones. Because 48MP triple camera is joined by as special thermal imaging camera set.  And Ulefone released a video today to showcase the camera performance, so let’s have a look.

In this video you can see some real shots from the triple camera, usage of the thermal imaging camera, 4K video recording effect, macro lens shots, night mode and more. The main 48MP camera is suitable for shooting anytime and anywhere, high resolution guarantees more details  and is excellent in shooting people and scenery. And the night mode brings mode details even in dark environments. Rounding up the trio is the 2MP micro lens for close-up shots with magnifying effect. So you are able to clearly capture insects, flower stamens, and even textures.

Built-in thermal imaging camera can be a quite handy universal tool too. But it also adds fun to life, when you can capture the details that ordinary camera just cannot. Furthermore Armor 11T 5G supports underwater shooting. So you can easily take photos while swimming or diving. And 16MP selfie camera with beautification function won’t disappoint either.

It’s quite clear, that Armor 11T 5G is an extremely competitive rugged phone with balanced specs and very good pricing. As mentioned before, it is now already available in limited presale events. For more information, you can always visit the official website.

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