DIY home security is more affordable than ever thanks to these Ring Alarm Prime Day deals

DIY home security is more affordable than ever thanks to these Ring Alarm Prime Day deals

Alexa-powered smart homes have the widest variety of products available, but even with all this choice, Amazon’s own Ring brand makes the best do-it-yourself kit you can buy. Thanks to Prime Day, Ring Alarm (2nd Gen) is on sale for 40% off the regular list price, putting it at the lowest price the alarm system has ever been. That also makes it one of the best Prime Day Amazon device deals!

The second-generation Ring Alarm kit is at its lowest price since Black Friday — that’s six months ago if you’re counting — and is sitting well below its usual sale price, as well. At $150, Ring Alarm (2nd Gen) represents the best value in DIY home security and offers the best experience for homes with Alexa.

This eight-piece kit is a great way to get started with Ring Alarm, as pieces can be purchased and added at any time after installation. It’s perfect for a large apartment or condo, or a 1-2 bedroom house and includes one base station, one keypad, four contact sensors, one motion detector, and one range extender. Installation is a breeze, since all you need is the Ring app to scan the QR code on Ring Alarm, which adds it to your home’s Wi-Fi and sets it up. Ring’s app can then be used to link all your Ring products together, making Ring Alarm the new center of your smart home.

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Ring launched its second-generation alarm system in Spring 2020, which was reminted with a new, sleeker look when compared to the original release. Good looks aren’t the only improvement though; Ring Alarm (2nd Gen)’s keypad also features dedicated emergency buttons to call up fire rescue, police, or emergency medical assistance. The new buttons are both easier to press and easier to identify than the old design, too, making it friendlier to use for everyone.

The motion sensor’s redesigned housing fits better in corners and looks better with most decor. The new contact sensors are both slimmer and support wider gaps between sensors, so a wider range of door and window styles can now be used with Ring Alarm.

You won’t need professional installation. However, if you’d rather not monitor it yourself — or you just want the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 monitoring — Ring Alarm can be upgraded with professional monitoring solutions right from the Ring App.

If you’re in an apartment or condo and don’t need as many pieces, the five-piece Ring Alarm kit will cover you at its lowest price ever. Additionally, several discounted bundles include either a Ring Video Doorbell or a Ring Indoor Cam, helping to extend the coverage of your Ring Alarm system by adding a camera to the mix — all of which are accessible within the Ring app, so you won’t need to install yet another app.

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